1 John 4:1


Picture Source: Youversion

Be careful who you listen and cling to. Not everyone who says he or she is of God really is. Matthew 7: 15-16 (TLB) tells us to “beware of false teachers who come disguised as harmless sheep, but are wolves and will tear you apart”. It goes on to show us that we “can detect them by the way they act, just as you can identify a tree by its fruit.” Remember that Satan would love nothing more than for you to join him. Don’t give him the satisfaction. #GuardYourHeart #KnowYourWord #WitnessingWednesday

* * * * *

1 John 4:1 (MSG) My dear friends, don’t believe everything you hear. Carefully weigh and examine what people tell you. Not everyone who talks about God comes from God. There are a lot of lying preachers loose in the world.

1 John 4:1 (AMP) Beloved, do not believe every spirit [speaking through a self-proclaimed prophet]; instead test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets and teachers have gone out into the world.


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